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black and white chalk pastel commission drawing by Mercedes Victoria of 1973 Norton Commando motorcycle
"1973 Norton Commando"

Chalk pastel 2016


This drawing was a commissioned piece done of the customer's husband's newly acquired bike. This drawing turned out to be more challenging than I had originally thought...I was unable to get full reference pictures of his entire bike because it was in pieces while I was trying to draw it! He was taking it apart to clean it and replace some parts. Because this drawing was a surprise, there was a lot of sneaking around and research to get enough images together. By piceing together several pictures of Norton Commandos and learning a lot about the mechanics of a motorcylce, I ended with this drawing. Because of certain details, it is possible to tell that this drawing is of his bike and no one elses which makes it all the more unique. 


Original SOLD

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