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I'm interested in a drawing you have for sale. Now what?

          Contact me to purchase an original, giclee print, or inkjet print of your favourite drawing. Send me an email at with the name of the drawing or print and your contact information and we will go from there!


Is shipping included?

          No. Because of the varying shapes, sizes, and weights of every unique drawing and where their final destination will be, shipping rates are calculated for each order separately.

I'm interested in having a commissioned drawing done. Now what?

          Send me an email at with an idea of what you are looking for. If you have photographs you want to be used as references, they must be good quality. The cost of a commissioned piece is based on size and detail so be sure to include an idea of size you are looking for in order to send you an accurate quote.

How much does a commissioned drawing cost?

          Commissioned drawing costs are based on the size of the piece, and the details. Prices range from $220-$600.

How is payment collected for commissioned drawings?

          Once all the information is collected to start the commissioned piece, 50% of the payment is due along with a signed Artist & Customer Agreement. When the drawing is finished, a final invoice will be sent one week before the balance of the payment is due. All updated invoices will be emailed one week before the payment is due. 

What if I want a commissioned drawing, but then change my mind?

          If no work has been started, the full 50% deposit is returned. If any ground work has been done, only 25% of the 50% deposit will be returned in order to cover the time already spent on the drawing. If the final chalk pastel drawing has been started, the 50% deposit is used to cover the time spent on the drawing and there is no refund.

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