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black and white chalk pastel drawing by Mercedes Victoria of late famous Hollywood actor Cary Grant
"Cary Grant"



Chalk pastel 2012


I first fell in love with Grant in "Arsenic & Old Lace". His suave yet comedic approach to "the bachelor" character was instantly likeable so when I started to do some research on him I was shocked to learn more about who he really was. I found many similarities, complete opposities, and unexpected differences so I drew him to try and uncover the drastic differences between his typically displayed characters and his real life personality. This drawing is part of a series.


Original framed $791.00 +shipping

11"x14" signed inkjet print unframed $26.00 +shipping

8"x10" signed inkjet print unframed $22.60 +shipping

Blank greeting card $5.00 +shipping

Flat magnet $2.00 +shipping


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