Beautifully original, handmade Christmas greeting cards

with matching envelopes.

Simple Bird

Simple card design with an embossed bird on a branch on quality cardstock with pearl embellishments.

An embossed pinecone envelope to match.

chickadee christmas greeting card


Purple Bird

Embossed purple bird on a branch with blue and silver embellishments.

An stamped pinecone envelope to match.

chickadee bird christmas card blank


Sunny Christmas

Sunny Christmas trees mounted on bright cardstock.

An embossed Christmas tree envelope to match.

bright christmas tree blank greeting card


Purple Forest

White embossed and purple stamped Christmas trees black cardstock, mounted on plum coloured cardstock.

A stamped Christmas tree envelope to match.

christmas tree purple silver blank card


Red Forest

Christmas trees embossed on black cardstock, mounted on red coloured cardstock.

A stamped Christmas tree envelope to match.



Bethlehem Star

Bethlehem star stamp mounted on textured papers.

An embossed snowflake envelope to match.

bethlehem star christmas card blank


Silver Bird

Silver embossed bird on a brand mounted on cardstock. 

An embossed holly berry silver envelope to match.

silver bird christmas card blank


Snowy Bird

Stamped bird on vellum, mounted on cardstock and embellished with small gems.

An embossed pinecone stamped envelope to match.



Deer in the Forest

Silver and black embossed deer in the forest with textured paper and gems.

An embossed deer envelope to match.

deer in the forest christmas snow blank greeting card


Snowman Snowflake

Only one available. Happy snowman embellished with textured paper and gems. A snowman stamped envelope to match.

snowman christmas card blank


Ivory Forest

Shimmery Christmas trees on vellum mounted on textured papers.

A stamped Christmas tree envelope to match.

ivory christmas tree blank greeting card


Victorian Christmas

Victorian inspired Christmas card on silver cardstock with a cameo embellishment.

A stamped wreath silver envelope to match.

silver victorian inspired cameo chrismas card blank


Green Forest

Christmas trees embossed on black cardstock, mounted on emerald green cardstock.

A stamped Christmas tree envelope to match.




Christmas branch stamps mounted on cardstock and burlap, embellished with gems.

Stamped pinecone on cardstock mounted to ivory envelope to match.

pinecone holly berry branch christmas card blank


Snowflake Pearls

Embossed snowflake mounted on cardstock and corrugated paper, embellished with pearls.

An embossed snowflake envelope to match.

snowflake pearl christmas card blank


Golden Forest

Gold embossed Christmas trees mounted on cardstock, with pearl embellishments.

A gold embossed Christmas tree envelope to match.

gold red christmas tree blank greeting card


Mare and Foal

Mare and foal stamped onto cardstock, embellished with a gold embossed start and pearls.

A golden embossed star stamped enveloped to match.

horse animal farm christmas card blank


*please note that because each card and envelope is handmade, the item you receive may differ slightly to the one pictured.

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