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MVictoria INVASION OF PRIVACY low.jpeg
"Invasion of Privacy - Holding Dear"


Graphite pencil and charcoal, 2019

There are many different perspectives to be taken from this drawing of an old crystal doorknob. It was drawn from a photo of my bedroom doorknob taken from inside the room. This cut glass is very easy to see through, there is no hiding place inside. Whatever angle you are looking at, the reflections and the cut of the glass reveals everything behind it. 

Each life is very detailed and intricate; there are things you want to share with people and things you would rather keep hidden. Because of the hours spent drawing this piece as the artist, I know every shadow and highlight of the drawing similar to how well I know my life. As the viewer is peering into this doorknob, they are invading privacy by trying to see all the details that make up the drawing as well as my life. 


Original NFS

8"x10" signed matted inkjet print $25.00

Blank Greeting Card $5.00

Flat Magnet $2.00

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