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black and white graphite pencil drawing by Mercedes Victoria of hindu god Ganesha elephant

12.5" x 10.5"

Graphite pencil, 2018


The Hindu god Ganesha was used as a reference for this drawing. My nephew created a drawing of an elephant, tiger, and rhinocerous (check it out below!) We made a deal that if he would finish his drawing in time for the Paris Fair, that I would do a drawing as well and both would be entered together. This was his first exhibition, and the first time he and I exhibited works together. 

Both our pieces won first place at the fair!


Original $760.00

11"x14" signed inkjet print unframed $30.00

8"x10" signed matted inkjet print $30.00

Blank greeting card $5.00

Flat magnet $2.00


Drawing done by my nephew. It won first place at the Paris Fair in 2018.

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