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black and white chalk pastel drawing by Mercedes Victoria of famous Hollywood actor Magnum PI western movies Tom Selleck
"Tom Selleck"


Chalk pastel 2013


I have always been a big fan of Tom Selleck. I grew up watching Magnum P.I. and fell in love with his goofy charm. After doing some research on Selleck, I became very interested in the differences between famous characters and their media portayed personas. These sometimes drastic differences I found resulted in a series of drawings. My hope is to portray these famous faces as a more honest version of their real life self.


Original $791.00 +shipping

11"x14" signed inkjet print unframed $26.00 +shipping

8"x10" signed inkjet print unframed $22.60 +shipping

Blank greeting card $5.00 +shipping

Flat magnet $2.00 +shipping


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